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Create a Grand Entrance

As the famous saying goes, the first impression lasts. And what better way to leave a positive first impression on your guests at home that with quality doormats from Door Mat.

The right doormat not only helps you keep your home’s interiors clean, but it can also set your or your visiting guests’ moods. At Door Mat, you can choose from a wide selection of doormats for sale made from premium raw materials and turned into stylish and durable mats.

Whether you’re looking for a doormat for your main entrance, back door or other entryways in your home, shop for your doormats online at Door Mat.

Made to Last

Your doormat is your home’s first line of defence against dirt and debris that come from outside the house.

Without doormats, not only will you track dirt inside the house, you will also subject your flooring materials to the coarseness of dirt from your shoes. This is why a durable doormat is a must to effectively scrape mud and dirt off your footwear.

Door Mat’s wide selection of indoor and outdoor doormats are made from quality raw materials to produce nylon and coir. Coir is rot-resistant so the doormats can withstand mud and moisture. Each mat also has a specially-engineered backing, lending to its durability.

Using Sustainable Materials

Door Mat uses coir not only for its durability, but also for its sustainability. Harvested by hand using ethical labour practices, this coconut husk-based material has low environmental impact. These husks are also grown in their natural habitat without the use of chemical pesticides and herbicides.

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Whether you’re looking for a large or small doormat, made from coir or nylon and personalised to your style, Door Mat is your one-stop online shop for doormats in Australia.

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