Outdoor Door Mats

High Quality And Eco-Friendly Outdoor Mats for your home

An outdoor door mat is used as a used as a first line of defence from trapping debris such as dirt, sand, grass clippings or leaves that are brought in on feet or paws!

Depending on material an outdoor mat can also absorb water and moisture to protect your floor coverings and prevent slip and fall accidents in your home.


Can you put door mats outside?

The simple answer is yes however there are a number of factors to consider when using a mat outside at your front door or even in the external living area or outdoor space.

What surface will the mat be placed on, timber decking, concrete, stone or tiles?

Will the mat be exposed to the suns rays?

Will the mat be exposed to rain?

What do you want the mat do? Absorb water, trap sand and dirt, trap leaves, grass and twigs or scrape excessive mud?

What type of doormat is best for outside?

Coir mats are the best choice of doormats for outdoors. This choice may be affected however if you have a unique doorway so ask yourself these questions.


First, is your mat being exposed to the sun?

If your mat is placed under cover and not exposed directly to continual sun you can consider a carpet surface outside mat. Carpet mats that are exposed to UV rays without being UV resistant the mat will quickly fade and begin to disintegrate. The carpet surface needs an additional treatment to repel the dangerous UV rays from our beautiful sun!

So if it is exposed to the sun consider a rubber mat or a recycled plastic outdoor mat as your external door mat. A quality product like a rubber door mat will withstand the suns rays.

Second, is your mat exposed to the rain?

If your mat is exposed directly to the rain and sunlight then we highly recommend that you consider and also remove dirt mud and other nasty's that are likely to come in on your shoes. This debris can be scraped off at the door.

Third, does it need to scrape or dry or both?

A rubber mat makes a perfect scraper mat the heavy textured pattern will remove mud and other soiling and is a great first line of defence. Rubber mats are easy to clean meaning that they aren't prone to mould and mildew. You can simply hose off when soil and immediately place back into service.

A carpet mat will dry the feet. Carpet will absorb water and contain it in the mat this will then dry through natural evaporation.

A reinforced carpet mat will both scrape the feet and dry them. This option is ideal for light soil and moisture.

Can you put a coir mat outside?

Something to consider when using coir doormats as external doormats is that Coir is a timber product. This means that it will take on moisture and swell. Coir mats mature beautifully overtime, this process may be sped up in the elements. Coir fibers may darken which gives it its beautiful rustic look as the mat ages.

If you want maximum coverage or want to dress up the outdoor living area then consider coving the entire area in an outdoor carpets or even using outdoor rugs. If you are looking for a sustainable choice then consider a mat made from recycled materials like recycled car tyres, shopping bags or milk bottles!

How do I clean my outdoor mat?

A rubber mat can simply be hosed clean.

Carpet mats can be vacuumed.

Coir mats can be beaten on the back with a paddle to release dirt however avoid wetting with a hose!

Carpet mats can be hosed however it is important that you allow the mat to dry completely before you place back into use.

Doormat has you covered! Our range includes rubber mats, carpet outdoor mats, reinforced carpet and rubber door mats or coir mats which are all suitable for the outdoor floor.

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For best results we recommend that you follow your outdoor door mat with an indoor doormat for optimum results and to keep your home free from excessive debris.

If you need advice on what outdoor doormat is best for you make sure you get in contact with our team of experts.