Kitchen Mats

Kitchen Mats

Comfort While You Cook with our Kitchen Anti Fatigue Mats

Why Kitchen Mats?

If you love cooking but are finding you are experiencing pain and fatigue in your legs, feet, back and joints after spending long periods on your feet. You need a kitchen mat in your life. A good quality Kitchen mat can provide a physical barrier between cold hard floors and bare feet. We offer a range of mats for the kitchen and laundry that will help improve your day to day life in and around your home.Dont let your joy for baking in the kitchen be taken by pain, add a comfort mat to your kitchen and experience the difference it will make.


How does an Anti Fatigue Mat work?


Comfort mats or Anti Fatigue mats are designed to provide comfort underfoot as the users muscles will subtly contract and expand as they have to adjust with the give in the comfort foam. Rather than standing on a hard surface where the muscles have to work very hard and become constricted keeping the person upright, which in turn leads to pain and fatigue to muscles and joints. This movement increases blood-flow and oxygen back to the heart and fatigue is greatly reduced. 


What other mats can I use in the Kitchen?

An absorbent carpet surface mat can help catch spills and drips and protect your expensive floor coverings. They also provide a nice soft surface to walk on, on a cold morning or evening. Tiles can cause your joints to ache and a nice carpet surface mat will give you comfort underfoot