Welcome Mat

Buy welcome mats online and make your door way smile!

After a long day, coming home to a high quality, beautiful welcome doormat makes me smile. Not only because I am greeted with that warm welcome print but also because I know it is doing a marvelous job keeping the floor clean as it scrapes feet clean and dry and I know it will remove dirt from shoes.

If the smile of your home is the front door mat, why not have it customised with Welcome? If a welcome mat is not your style we have other greeting messages such as hello door mats, a range of hi door mats, mats with a border or even a simple plain coir mat.

Does a welcome mat need to say welcome?

Not always, many of our customers refer to all our stylish doormat's as welcome mats. However in this product mix you will notice that we only showcase mats with welcome printed or embossed on them to make browsing easy for you.

What are welcome doormats made from?

Mostly welcome door mats are made using coir doormat as the base mat. This is because coir mats can be imprinted with a long lasting print and is excellent value for money. Other welcome doormats are made from nylon with a rubber backing and an inkjet print, rubber doormats with moulded welcome or a carpet material with a rubber backing embossed with welcome in the pattern. Read our article to find the best doormat for you.

All our range of doormats are heavy duty and made from first grade raw materials or post consumer materials. We have welcome mats with anti slip backing, mats suitable for use as indoor mats or outdoor mats. We also offer them in a variety of designs and imprint styles, so you’re sure to find one that perfectly fits your home’s design.

The embossed welcome mat has the design pressed into the mat or otherwise engraved so that the welcome sits below the surface of the mat. This method of printing is available in rubber, coir and carpet mat types.

Printed or dyed welcome mats are simply stencilled using long lasting dyes. overtime any printed mat that is not solution dyed will eventually fade (usually 3 years) when exposed to the sunlight. This is important to consider when choosing a mat that is placed outdoors.

We make each coir welcome door mat using ethically sourced coir from coconut husks planted and harvested in sustainable plantations. Our plantations and factories use a team of skilled crafts men and woman and we use third party auditors to ensure that ethical labour is used. This means that unlike cheap welcome mats we carefully partner with producers that are not using toxic materials or unethical practices.

Door Mat has the largest range of doormats online in Australia. To summarise we offer outdoor welcome mats that are made to withstand the elements like rain, sand, dirt, mud and grime indoor welcome mats that are softer more absorbent and great for completely drying feet (and paws) or an indoor outdoor mats the best of both worlds.

Browse our mats online today to find a welcome doormat that can truly welcome you, your family, loved ones, friends and visitors into your home.