Semi Circle Doormat

Semi Circle & Half Round Door Mats

These half round or half circle mats are a functional solution to provide a beautiful entrance to your home.

Available in coir, carpet or coir and rubber combinations, semi circle mats are a popular choice for all homes.

We produce the half round doormats from sustainable materials only use ethical labour. This gives our product a higher quality finish at a realistic price point.

Available in a range of sizes the 60 x 90cm semi circle doormats are a great option for larger doors often found in modern homes. The other size, 45 x 75cm, is idea for traditional doorways, your back or side door from your laundry.

Each of the mats are backed with an anti slip backing material. The anti slip backing holds the mat in place as you walk over the mat.

A half moon door mat is easy to clean. If it is made from coir we recommend heating the rubberised backing to release debris build up. Please avoid getting coir wet as it may discolour. Carpet semicircle mats can be vacuumed, shaken clean or hosed and scrubbed with a mild detergent. It is important that no soap is left on the mat and that it is completely dry before placing it back at your front door or back door.

The half moon shape takes up less room than traditional or large rectangle door mats and catches the eye. So if you are looking for an alternate option to a rectangle door mat then consider a semi circle door mat! Contact us today if you need any assistance. Our customer service team are available to assist you.