We are passionate about Door Mats

As they say necessity is the mother of all invention, and that is exactly how Doormat was established.

Our vision is simple, Doormat in every home!

We found that door ways were getting wider & taller yet door mats were getting smaller! We feel that this doesn't look right and are hard to wipe feet on!

So we set out on a journey to supply large luxury and designer door mats for homes.

Our range is the high end, larger mats exclusive designs longer and wider mats that suit large, double and even french or sliding doors.

We don't supply small cheap door mats because we know that Bunnings, K Mart, Big W and others do that well already so why reinvent the wheel!
Our passion began with delivering exclusive masterpieces to homeware stores throughout the country (Australia that is!) then grew to become Australia's most popular destination for doormats for the home. We are a 100% Australian owned and operated family business.

Above all, our mats are ethically sourced from sustainable materials, the bound mats are completely biodegradable and can even be used as water retention mulch for the garden at the end of their life. We avoid latex borders to ensure that the mats are safe to manufacture.
To ensure that our factories use ethical labour we have chosen to partner with Sedex.

For your convenience we ship Australia wide using reputable carriers.

We appreciate you visiting Doormat and can't wait to serve you!