Indoor Door Mat

Indoor Door Mats for Inside Your Beautiful Home

An indoor doormat is one of the first few things visitors see and use when entering your home. It enhances your home’s entrance and helps make a friendly, welcoming impression on visitors. A beautiful indoor mat can also act as an accent to an otherwise plain entryway.

Of course, the primary purpose of an indoor doormat is to collect dirt and moisture from you and your visitors’ shoes. This prevents your floor from getting dirty and is especially important for homeowners with carpet flooring.

Indoor mats also act as barriers and prevent dirt and dust from accumulating inside. Without a doormat, particles are more easily able to travel across flooring or imbed themselves into the carpeting.

This makes these doormats essential for every homeowner, as replacing them is much less expensive than getting your floor repaired. They also add a bit of safety to your home by making it less likely that someone slips when stepping on tiled or laminated floors on a rainy day.

Choosing an Indoor Doormat

When choosing an indoor mat, there are just a few things to take into consideration.

The first is size. As a general rule, your doormat should be about 80% as wide as your doorway. It should also provide your door with enough clearance so that its movement is not hindered. As such, an indoor doormat’s thickness is equally as important as its length and width.

Thinner doormats are great for doors that open over the mat. Thin indoor mats will allow your door to open over the mat and prevent it from getting caught under the door and rippling up. If you are after a plush mat to complement the mat inside be sure to check out our range of ultra thick premium coir doormats!

Homeowners might have more limited choices depending on the gap between their doors and their floor. In which case, you might want to browse our outdoor doormats if your door opens inwards as well since these won’t be hindered your front door.

As for the doormat’s aesthetics, that’s largely up to your preferences. Just be sure to pick a color and design that suits your home. You won’t have to worry much, though, as you’re sure to love our indoor doormat designs.

Order an Indoor Doormat Online Today

A doormat is more than a piece of fabric and rubber that cleans the soles of your shoes. It’s also part of your overall decor. If you want a gorgeous mat to go with your beautiful home, buy your indoor doormat online from Door Mat.

We offer a wide range of indoor mats, each made with high-quality materials that effectively get rid of dirt and moisture. Browse our catalogue today to find the best one for your home.