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Made With Eco-friendly Materials

Premium quality material

At Door Mat, we are focused on offering the best quality door mats for customers in Australia. We select premium raw materials to produce our nylon & coir. This ensures our products efficiently rid your footwear of any dirt and moisture from outside. The backing is engineered for reliable and long-lasting grip and is extruded or moulded using PVC and rubber.

Coir The Durable And Rot-Resistant Option

Coir is made from coconut husks which are found inside the shell of a coconut. It’s used in a variety of products, most common is a front doormat. Coir has stiff fibres which are effective in scraping dirt and mud off your footwear just like a brush does. It’s also rot resistant and durable, making coir doormats suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Coir naturally ages so will evolve as the years go passed.


We use coir whenever we can in our creations, not only because of its strength but also because of its sustainability. Coconut husks are traditionally wasted if not used to produced coir so your mat has a very low environmental impact and grow in a natural habitat free of pesticides and herbicides. We harvest by hand using ethical labour. Its beautiful and natural shade compliments all types of decors and floors, making it a versatile match for any type of doorway.