Jute Mat

Jute Mats & Small Jute Rug's for your home

Jute matting, jute mats and jute door mats are simply mats or matting made from jute.

Jute floor mat's are most commonly a natural colour similar to a straw or dried grass colour however the material can by dyed and coloured to specific colours however overtime dyed natural materials like jute and coir will fade and discolour. In some lighting jute will shimmer and have a golden silk like look making these mats a beautiful compliment to your front door.

Available in a range of sizing, a small jute mat is typically 55 x 85cm, jute runner's are long narrow mats and are anything from 55 x 115cm up to longer 3m floor runners. Jute rugs are described as mats over 1.0m x 1.5m and are used as a floor covering rather than a welcome doormat.

The best use for these mats and rugs is as a jute indoor mat rather than an outdoor mat. The reason for this is that jute is a natural produce so if it is exposed to the sunlight or to high amounts of water and moisture (either from rainfall or humidity) it will discolour over time. However if you like the rustic effects of nature you might choose to use this as an outdoor mat.

The edge finish on a jute mat is either folded under and stitched (similar to how rugs are finished) to give it a slightly rough although generally straight edge or with a fringe to give an organic look. Latex is sometime applied to the back of the matting to prevent movement on your floor which will prevent the mat from slipping out from under foot. We recommend a white or beige colour when using a non slip backing as this will prevent colour migration onto your floor causing a stain.

What is jute?

To look at, jute fibre has a beige, golden brown colour and a silky texture which tends to shine in some lighting. When woven correctly it will give a delicate un abrasive feel underfoot unlike brush coir doormats. A fun fact to know is jute is one of the most commonly used (currently second after cotton!) and one of the oldest fibres to be used for a variety of textile applications not just as indoor doormats.

Over half of the jute produced in the world is grown in India.

What is jute made from?

Jute is made from the bark of the Corchorus Capsularis plant or commonly known as the White Jute Plant. This plant thrives in high humidity lowland environments and grows naturally without the need to be fertilised or pesticides. This is what makes jute fibre a sustainable and organic fibre.

Is jute stronger than cotton?

Yes, jute is one of the strongest natural fibres.

How is a jute doormat made?

Unlike machine made rugs, a jute mat is completely hand made. The individual fibres are braided by hand to form a single strand or rope. This rope is cut to the total length or size of that the mat needs to be made.

If the pattern chosen is woven the jute rope is then woven by hand to create a bi level woven floor mat however if the mat chosen is a hand spun jute mat the ropes are placed together and stitched along the width to hold the material together. The sides are then reinforced by hand stitching the sides with a jute thread.

Once these mats are woven and prior to shipping the jute mats are exposed to a high temperature naked flame to burn off excess loose yarns and condition the rug. This final step gives the organic mat a deeper colour and a natural gloss look.

This process applies to the manufacturing of jute area rugs too. Although these are much larger than even a large door mat, jute rug's are still made from these ethical, sustainable and authentic handwoven techniques.

Other applications for Jute Matting

Thick Jute Matting is also used as a weed mat to suppress weed growth or as a geotextile material for erosion control. These weed and erosion control mats are supplied in large rolls of matting or jute mesh or as squares placed around the base of a tree.

The advantages of using jute matting for geotextile over other synthetic geotextiles is that over time jute will biodegrade. So once nature has taken over and the plants are established there is no harm on the environment.

So please browse our range of jute mats online or get in touch with our team if you need further assistance.