Absorbent Dirt Stop Mat Grey with Black Double Border

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Our 5 star rated, best selling door mat now comes with a Stylish popular double border print. If you are looking for the best Door Mat, this is it, check out the features-

- Absorbent

- PVC, Vinyl and BPA Free

- Lay flat nitrile rubber backing

- Low Profile to fit under doors

- Machine Washable

- Anti Slip Rubber Backing

- Anti marking rubber backing

- Flat trip resistant rubber edging on all sides

- Plush dirt trapping pile

The Absorbent Dirt Stop Mat has got all the features and benefits you could want in a quality and effective floor mat, Plush Absorbent Surface and grip rubber backing to prevent slipping. The high quality backing is anti marking which is important when using on expensive flooring such as timber and travertine.

The plush absorbent surface is  designed to draw dirt and debris into the pile of the mat to prevent it being tracked into your home.The Nylon pile is highly absorbent and can hold 5 litres of water.

Due to the washability , our customers love using this mat in the kitchen to prevent slip hazards and provide a soft insulating surface to walk on. Any spills on the mat can be washed or hosed.

We can provide formal quotes and invoices for NDIS patients who are a slip risk and require a quality slip resistant mat.

Comes in 4 sizes, The 60 x 120cm size is perfect for Modern oversize doors, double doors and can also be turned into the portrait orientation and be used as a runner to catch more footsteps and remove more dirt

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