Coir Door Mat Double Border 15mm 60 x 90cm

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Low profile Natural Coir Mat with printed Double border. The Black border is our one of our best selling designs, so adding a double border option was a natural choice.

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The Low profile PVC Backed Coir mat with Double border print is a stylish classic design that is not only impressive but effective at scraping dirt and debris from footwear to stop it entering your home

This economical mat is made from sustainable Coir topping which is manufactured from Coconut husks. The husks are beaten and spun like wool to produce a yarn which is then woven in a mat and backed with PVC.

Coir mats are the most tradional mats in existence. Coir mats are considered the best mats due to their excellent scraping qualities and natural absorbency.

Size - 60 x 90cm 15mm thick. This size is perfect for a single doorway.

As this product is made with love by hand it is natural for it to shed and have olour varaitions. Suitable for outdoors undercover


Sustainably and ethically
sourced materials
supporting breast
cancer journeys
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