Premium Natural Coir 40mm Doormat 55x 120cm

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Natural coir is the epitome of current design. This gorgeous mat will compliment your beach house or Hamptons home. 

Coir matting is an Eco Friendly choice. Each mat is made from at least 38 coconuts. Coir is the most traditional doormat for its excellent scraping properties to remove dirt at your door.

The 40mm thick coir is a premium quality doormat and provides a substantial welcome at your entrance. Made from the Highest Quality Coir, it is a very densely woven coconut door mat . A long lush pile which is excellent at removing dirt and keeping your floor clean.

At 55 x 120cm size is perfect for double doorways, sliding doors and alfresco stacker . Suitable for outdoors undercover.

It is natural for coir mats to shed and have colour variations. Shedding is an intrinsic part of the character of coir matting . This is more pronounced in the early stages of the mats life ! Regular vacuuming and beating out the mat will remove any loose bristles and lessen the effects.

Sustainably and ethically
sourced materials
supporting breast
cancer journeys
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