Absorbent Dirt Stop Mat Welcome Design

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This absorbent mat is a great option to place inside your door, in the bathroom, the laundry, infront of the stove to protect your floor from spatter or even at the kitchen sink to soak up spills.

The non marking solid backing will not allow liquids to leak through like budget rubberised foam mats do keeping your floor clean and more imporantly for safety, the mat wont slide out from under you.

These mats are grease and chemical resistant (the same commecial quality used in restaurants hotels and supermarkets!)

Available in three popular designs Paw Print, Fern Leaf and Welcome. These mats are manufactured in a longer 60 x 120cm great for large, double or french doors. 

The microfibre style surface is ultra absorbent and dries feet and paws as they walk over the mat making this mat the best and most popular indoor mat.

The low profile (approximatley 7mm thickness) is specially designed to allow doors to open over the mat.

These mats can be easily cleaned in the washing machine.

Check out our full range of Absorbent mats here.

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