The Ultimate Guide on How to Keep the Floor Clean Everyday

The Ultimate Guide on How to Keep the Floor Clean Everyday

Posted by Door Mat on Mar 24, 2022

How to Keep the Floor Clean All Day Everyday

Did you know that certain types of bacteria and viruses can divide once every 20 minutes? In just a few days, your entire house can host a colony of microbes that could affect your health and wellbeing.

As you probably already know, some of the dirtiest things in a house are your computer mouse, toilet seat, and all the floors. Dealing with the PC peripherals and the toilet seat is easy, but how to keep the floor clean?

This is what you're about to find out in this article. Keeping the floor clean is not easy, but the following tips and tricks will simplify this task, so keep reading.

Start by Adding Carpets, Mats, and Rugs to Your Floors

Why dealing with a problem when you can prevent it in the first place? If you like this idea then adding a doormat or a carpet to your floors makes total sense. A doormat can absorb most of the dirt, dust, lint, and impurities brought home by family members.

As a result, this debris doesn't end up on your floors and you don't have to spend that much time cleaning them. Washing a doormat, a carpet or a rug is easier and more cost-efficient than thoroughly cleaning all the floors in your house.

If you don't currently have a doormat added to your front entrance door, now it's the best time to get one. There are hundreds of options available in various sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. Add carpets and rugs throughout the house too, so that the spreading of dust and bacteria is minimized.

On top of adding doormats and carpets to your floors, make sure that you also add a shoe rack next to the front entrance door. Encourage your guests to wipe their shoes on the doormat and put them in the rack, instead of just walking with them in your house.

Remember that even fine dust and dirt particles can scratch your floors. If you have a lot of family members and/or a lot of guests come to your house regularly, the chances of floor scratching multiplies. A shoe rack can prevent major damage to your floors and keeps them clean for longer.

Sweep Floors on a Daily Basis

One of the simplest ways you can keep floors clean is by sweeping them regularly. Most homeowners do it daily using a basic broom. Sweeping the floors removes small dust particles, dirt, and lint that might get into your lungs.

Using a broom daily might seem like too much, but you shouldn't see it as a chore. Pick your own moments when to do it and how. For example, do you need some time off from the computer? Get up, put on your headphones, grab the broom, start sweeping the floors in one room.

Next time you get a computer break, sweep the floors in another room, etc. You can even think about it as mild exercise after a hearty meal or as a way to keep your blood flowing after long periods of sitting.

Mop Your Floors With Cotton Mops

Moping the floors is another important task because it eliminates most dust and bacteria. Just like sweeping, moping should be done on a daily basis. Make sure that you use lukewarm water and a bar of pH-neutral soap.

Different types of floors might require certain cleaning products that you can find on the market. Make sure that you read the labels, so you don't use a cleaning agent that's too acidic on sensitive floors.

Try to Declutter Your Rooms to Make Cleaning the Floors Easier

Some homeowners are more bothered by clutter instead of dust in their houses. Both of these things can make your life worse, so make sure that you get rid of them one by one. Before cleaning the floors, try to remove as much clutter as possible.

For example, place chairs on tables and move kids' toys out of the way. You might also want to send your family members to walk the dog while you clean, so you're not interrupted. Remove any junk or debris that might have been left on the floor before the cleaning process.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner for Really Dirty Floors

In some cases, you can do a better job of cleaning the floors by using a vacuum cleaner. These devices have a lot of suction power, they come with different hose attachments, and some of them are lightweight.

If you have really dirty floors, using a vacuum cleaner makes sense before using a mop. You should start vacuuming the carpets and then continue with the hardwood or laminate floors. Use different attachments to reach hardly accessible corners.

Keep in mind that most hose attachments also come with a soft bristle that can be activated by pushing a button or lever. Use the bristle to eliminate soft dust particles from your floors. Before turning on the vacuum cleaner, make sure that you open the windows, so that all the dust goes outside.

If your budget is higher, you can also go for a steam cleaner. This device uses modern technology and water to disinfect your floors. A steam cleaner might also use basic cleaning products to leave a fresh scent behind.

Steam cleaners are best used for non-porous floors and when you have really dirty spots to clean. If you don't want to buy one, you can also rent a steam cleaner from a local hardware store.

Wipe up Spills and Drops Immediately

Liquid spills and food drops on the floor can happen to all of us. They tend to happen more often in houses with kids. However, make sure that you take action immediately and don't panic if you accidentally drop something on the floor.

If you spilled something, use a towel to absorb most of the liquid. You can also use paper towels to dab on the area. Don't try to move the towel left and right because this will only spread the liquid and make it enter the floor structure.

If you dropped food, again, use a paper towel to pick up the larger chunks. Once you have removed the food or liquid, use warm water and basic cleaning products to mop the floor. Leave it to dry under natural conditions and hopefully, this incident didn't leave lasting marks on your floors.

As a protection measure, do your best to go for sealed floors, whether we talk about hardwood, bamboo, natural stone, and so on. Sealing your floors prevents moisture from causing damage and makes the cleaning process a lot easier.

Use a Small Amount of Vinegar for Cork and Vinyl Floors

Some people don't really fancy using commercial cleaning products. The truth is that most of these contain harsh chemicals and they might leave a nasty odor behind. If you prefer natural products too then use vinegar next time you clean your floors.

For example, homeowners go for a combination of vinegar, dish soap with a neutral pH, and lukewarm water. Use just half a cup of vinegar and half a cup of dish soap. This mixture can be used to clean cork and vinyl floors.

When it comes to cork floors, be particularly careful as these are very porous in nature. They tend to absorb moisture and that's why you should use a damp cotton mop, not one that has been completely soaked in water.

Vinyl floors also respond well to this cleaning mixture and you should mop them once a day. The best time to mop your floors is at the end of the day when family members have settled in their rooms to watch TV or sleep.

Use Special Cleaning Products for Natural Stone Floors

Natural stone such as granite or marble is quite expensive. That's why the floors made using these materials are sealed. However, they can get dirty like any other floor in your house. You should only clean them with special cleaning products that are not too acidic.

In most cases, the manufacturer recommends a list of cleaning agents that should be used to make marble or granite tiles shine again. Use these products or a combination of lukewarm water and a few drops of dish soap.

Keep in mind that floors made using natural stone might need to be resealed from time to time. This is a good preventative measure to preserve the beauty of your floors as well as their uniqueness.

Now You Know How to Keep the Floor Clean for Longer

If you invested thousands of dollars in your flooring options, keeping them clean and in one piece should be your top priority. Hopefully, this article answered your question - how to keep the floor clean - and you know now the dos and don'ts when it comes to cleaning your floors.

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