13 Original and Creative Gifts for the Home

13 Original and Creative Gifts for the Home

Mar 24, 2022

Ideas For Original & Creative Gifts for the Home

We have all been in that position. You've been invited to a dinner, a party or to an overnight visit. You want to show your appreciation to the hosts by gifting them something special. Then the real problem kicks in. What creative gift can you give that won't break the bank?

Sure, you could take the easy way out and buy them some flowers and a bottle of wine. Sure, everyone appreciates a bouquet of fresh flowers. And who doesn't want to have a bottle of wine tucked away for an evening next week?

Yet, you are sure to not be the only one walking in with this kind of gift for your hosts. You want to think of something creative, even memorable to gift someone for their home.

Read on for these 13 creative gifts you can give for your loved ones home.

1. Memorable Vase

Sure other others will walk in with flowers, which is nice. Then your friends have just moved and don't know which box holds the vases. Your gift will take on extra significance because now they have something to put those flowers in.

Select a vase that highlights the colour of their decor or one that will work with the season of the gathering. If you want to spend a little more, consider a fine cut crystal vase or visit a local antique shop for a vintage vase.

If you want to be on the more thrifty side, then visit a local thrift shop for a vase to gift.

2. Doormat

Nothing says welcome to our new home like a new welcome. You can literally throw out the welcome mat for the party. How fun is it to gift your friends a new welcome mat for their home as they welcome you into their home?

How about getting our friends a personalised doormat? It can come with their last name initial, monogram, or even their names.

If you have friends who are pet lovers, why not gift them a doormat that shows you understand their love for their Spot of Fido. The dog doormat will help welcome home their beloved pooch too.

3. New Cookbook

Do you have a foodie in your life? Do you have that friend who loves to create special meals for the people they love? Why not select a new cookbook they can add to their collection?

Think of foods they love or foods they might love and choose a book that would take their specialised cooking to the next level.

If they are a true chef, look for a vintage collector's cookbook that you give them to add to their already special collection.

4. Return Address Stamp

Why not prepare them for those change of address cards they will be sending out? And now all their friends are bringing them housewarming gifts. They will have a slew of thank you notes to send out.

You can be a hero by making this job a whole lot easier. Buy them a custom return address stamp that they can use for all these thank you notes and new address cards they will be sending out.

Then everyone will have their new address too.

5. Charcuterie Board

Nothing says let's have another gathering like a charcuterie board. Consider buying your friends a big, new cutting board for their new home.

They can use it to create cheese plates and charcuterie boards for their own stay at home nights and on those nights when they invite you all back.

You might even consider adding some specialty cheese, nuts, and crackers as part of their gift. You could even give them a small set of cheese knives to go with the charcuterie board.

6. Wine Rack

All the other friends bring a bottle of wine as a gift. You can be the one to bring them a fun wine rack for their counter to hold all the wine.

Consider their home decor style. You could get a small wood or metal wine rack. It doesn't have to be huge or to take up lots of space. Buy a small wine rack that can also act as home decor and be useful too.

If you want to add to the gift, you could consider adding a package of fun cocktail napkins. You could also add wine accessories like a wine opener or bottle stopper for the unfinished bottle.

7. Essential Oil Diffuser

Help them to create the lovely smelling home of their dreams with an essential oil diffuser. They can literally use this in any room in their new home.

Gift the essential oil diffuser with some small bottles of essential oils they can fill the air with. Moving and settling into a new house can be stressful

If you add lavender or eucalyptus essential oils to their gift, it will create a sense of calm and sereness to their home to help get them through the stressors of moving.

8. New Blanket or Throw

As your friends settle into their new home, they'll have new traditions and memories to make. Whether that is hunkering down on the sofa for movie night or Sunday morning coffee, those traditions are how you build a house into a home.

Why not add to that memory-making by gifting them a special new blanket or throw. They can lay this across the corner of a chair or the sofa to be decorative, then use it to be cozy and warm when they are settling into their new home and spending time at home.

9. Specialty Dish Towels

It might seem silly at first to think about gifting a set of towels so your friends can do the dishes. Yet, upon further reflection, this is an awesome gift idea.

First, it's one of those things you don't really want to spend money on yourself. It might be that your friends as new homeowners don't have spare money to buy something like this. Yet, they will definitely appreciate having a brand new clean looking set of new dish towels.

They can relegate their old towels to the rag bin. They are sure to be using many rags as they clean, update and settle into the new house. At the same time, they have their new pretty towels to proudly put out in their new kitchen.

10. Basket and Houseplant

Nothing turns a house into a home like a plant. Consider getting your friends a houseplant that can grow in their home as they settle and make memories there too.

Save them the trouble of needing to find a special pot for it or the need to replant it in a new pot. Put their new plant in a basket. They can either keep the plant there or use the basket for other purposes in their home like holding towels or gathering magazines.

11. Pair of Champagne Flutes

At first glance, you might think this sounds more like a gift you'd give as a wedding gift. Yet, the champagne glasses will prepare your friends for years and years of special occasions that lie ahead in their new home.

Each year as they celebrate an anniversary or a New Year's Eve, the glasses can come out for the special toast.

As they move through life in the house, with all of life's moments like a big birthday or job promotion, the special glasses can come out for a toast.

12. Custom Framed Map

Why not memorialize this home with its location on a map? There are many companies online that will print a map of the coordinates of an address. They can also pull up a satellite map of an address and the coordinating map.

You can have this map printed and framed as a memento of their home purchase.

Even if later they move to a different house, it will serve as a memento of the memories they made while living there.

13. Outdoor Games

For many when they buy their home, the outdoor space is as important as the indoor space. Add the years of fun ahead that your friends will have in their yard by gifting them an outdoor yard game.

Consider a life-size Jenga game. How about a croquet set or a bocce ball set. They can start making backyard memories with outdoor games.

Then each time they have friends and family over, the competition can begin.

You might even consider an outdoor volleyball set, where the whole party can get involved in the fun.

Finding the Perfect Creative Gift for Your Loved One's Home

If you want to give a creative gift, that will long be remembered by your friends as special, consider one of these ideas. A creative gift is a memorable gift and it shows you put effort and thought into coming up with something special.

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