Absorbent Door Mat

Absorbent Door Mats for Indoors and Outdoors 

On rainy days you need an effective absorbent doormat to remove the foot prints, paw prints, shoe prints ...all the prints.

If you are looking for the most effective Mat that really does do it all, Our range of Absorbent Dirt Stop mats are here for you.

The microfibre like surface of the mat absorbs in excess of 5.5 litres of water per square metre. Not only is it absorbent but the cut pile plush mat surface provides more area to scrape dirt and dust from the feet and paws as they pass over the mat and draw it down into the mat.

Cleaning couldnt be easier , simply put the Asborbent Dirt Stop Mat into your washing machine and she will come out looking fresh and new. You can also hose her off 

Your floors will love the non marking rubber backing which is perfect for your delicate timber or sensitive travertine flooring. 

Anti trip edging will ensure smooth transition across the mat and the ultra grip rubber backing prevents slipping and sliding.

Low clearance under your door is no worries with this low profile wonder, being only 6mm thick means your door will glide on over.

Absorbent dirt stop mat is not just and Entrance mat, she also performs in the kitchen and bathroom - Anywhere you need a great quality anti slip and anti tri mat.

Absorbent Dirt stop mat is our best seller rated 5 stars by our satisfied customers. Available in a great rage of patterns, prints and sizing up to a large 3 metre runner mat.

Puppy on Absorbent door mat