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What are coir mats made from?

Coir mats, also know as coco mats or coconut fibre mats are made from the natural coconut fibres found on the outside or the husk of a coconut. The coconuts are harvested by hand or ripened coconuts fall off the tree and are then soaked in natural ponds for six (6) months. Once the fruit has soaked the defibring process begins. We hand beat the coconut with a wooden mallet to separate the natural fibres from the pith and the outer skin. These fibres and then laid out to dry in the sun naturally. Once dried and naturally bleached by the suns UV rays to the perfect colour the fibres are hand spun into a coir fibre that looks like a rope.

Are coir doormats good quality?

Yes, coir is an extremely high quality, in fact we would say it is the highest quality material to make a door mat from. This fibre contains several strands of first grade coco fibre twisted together giving strength and rigidity and making them the most long standing fibre used in coir door mats. Hand woven coir mats into an ultra high quality coir door mat, We are proud to offer Australia's best quality coir mat and the best quality printed coir mat, our hand woven mats that are 35 to 40mm thick are the most durable coir mats you will find on the market guaranteed! This option is easily identified because of its woven border. We also offer moulded into a rubber backing and edge or machine made with a PVC anti slip back for a more cost effective low profile option or a cheap latex edge option.

Can you wash coir door mats?

Washing a coir mat may permanently stain or discolour it as coconut fibre will absorb and retain moisture for long periods of time. The most effective way to clean your coir mat is to turn it over and beat the backing with a flat paddle object to allow for the sand, dirt and debris to fall through. You can also vacuum the mat or brush it with a stiff brush. Because of its high moisture retention we do not recommend hosing the mat.

Are coir mats durable?

Yes, as coir is a natural product it is extremely durable and also UV resistant. Cut pile coir fibres found in our woven mat range give a very strong brush like feel that will last for many years. We have seen our coir mats used in commercial environments for over 20 years. Yes they show marks and signs of wear however they are still completely functional. Fibres may darken or lighten when exposed to the elements enhancing the beauty of this natural product.

Are coir mats environmentally friendly?

Yes, especially woven coir mats these are made from 100% natural coir fibre from sustainable plantations grown in their natural habitat. We harvest by hand and use professional climbers to pick the coconuts. We also still hand spin some twines. We refuse to stock cheap coir mats due to our high ethical standards and ensure we use skilled and trained talent. So if you are looking for an environmentally friendly door mat, choose a woven coir mat with hand bound edges, avoid latex edge, PVC backed or rubber backed options as they are not 100% biodegradable.

Are coir mats waterproof?

While coir mats will stand up to moisture if exposed to a lot of water they will soak up moisture. Particularly with PVC backed or rubber backed mats the water pools at the backing and will cause the coconut fibre from swelling and then the mat bubbling. Woven coir mats will allow water flow through the mat however you may experience changes to the properties of the mat. Just like timber, coir has a naturally high water absorption capacity.

Can coir door mats be used inside?

Yes, coir doormats can be placed inside or or outside. It is important to remember that all coir will naturally shed small coir fibres. This may frustrate you as it may leave a trace of small thick hair like fibres. Coir is virtually odourless so unlike rubber these mats will not have a strong or overpowering smell when used in a confined space.

Can you get coir mats without rubber backing?

Yes, coir mats can be woven by hand eliminating the need to have a rubber backing. The benefit of a woven backed mat not a rubber backed mat is that there is no chance of colour migration or colour leeching onto different floor types. Be careful when using rubber doormats on polished and natural stone to make sure colour from rubber does not stain your floor. Moulded rubber backed coir mats or PVC backed coir mats are machine made and then backed to hold the fibres together. The added benefit of a mat without rubber or PVC backing is that the mats are eco friendly and will completely biodegrade. The finished plain coir mat can be placed in a compost bin or un woven and used around your plants which will aid in moisture retention and may promote growth! 

So how do I pronounce "coir"?

Coir is pronounced Coy-ahh.

A good door mat should scrub off moisture and dirt as effectively as it visually enhances your space. Our coir door mats achieve both of these tasks with ease. At Door Mat, we only use high-quality and non-slip materials for our products. They offer a natural and rustic accent that’s sure to fit your home’s look.

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