Benefits of Thick Coir Doormats

Benefits of Thick Coir Doormats

Aug 06, 2022

Benefits of Thick Coir Doormats

The popularity of doormats has been increasing steadily, as evidenced by the detected market growth.

Doormats play a double role in any structure. One function is increasing the aesthetic value, meaning they help create a positive first impression of your home or office space. The second role they play is improving the overall cleanliness of the area.

Since the beginning of the global pandemic, people have started to pay more attention to the hygiene of the places they frequent, and one of the most elegant and efficient ways to achieve that is by getting a doormat. And a thick coir one at that!

If you’re unsure whether to buy a coir doormat online, keep reading to discover the three biggest benefits we found.

Compelling Decoration

Design is an essential part of any personal or professional space and can help elevate the area and the work you’re doing. People often judge a place of business based on its appearance, so you want to make sure the first impression is good.

In your personal life, a coir doormat can be the proverbial cherry on top that makes your place of living home. Coir doormats with a thick matting of coconut fibres offer the right amount of decoration for your personal and professional spaces without being overwhelming.


The doormat is one of the most used objects in any building by virtue of its placement. Whether the doormat is for your home or your business, everyone who enters walks over the doormat at least twice. The frequent use results in a lot of wear-and-tear, which is why you want to ensure the doormat you do purchase will last.

A coir doormat created with thick matting will last much longer because it consists of more fibres per metre than a mat with less luxurious matting. The thicker doormat also provides a more comfortable feeling when you step on it; on top of the durability,


A clean, sanitary workplace is one of the hallmarks of professionalism. Because people come from all kinds of surroundings and are exposed to the natural elements on their way to your place of business, it makes sense that the soles of their shoes will not be clean.

The same applies to your home environment. Try as you might, you can’t keep your shoes perfectly clean when you wear them outside.

However, that doesn’t mean that the dirt, residue, or moisture won’t be tracked inside the building. To prevent that, you can use a thick coir doormat, which will scrape, scrub, and absorb the moisture from the shoes so that the rest of the building remains spotless.

Choose the Right Welcome From Doormat

Choosing the right doormat for your needs can be overwhelming because there are many different materials, shapes, and designs. There are also sizes and price ranges to consider. Whether you are looking for a more neutral, professional doormat design or want something more playful, has you covered.

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