What Is a Coir Doormat and Why Does Your Home Need One?

What Is a Coir Doormat and Why Does Your Home Need One?

Mar 24, 2022

Coir Doormat, What Are They and Why Does Your Home Need One?

A welcome mat is among the first impressions visitors have of you and your home. Because first impressions matter, your doormat matters.

In fact, your doormat can tell visitors a great deal about you. The best doormat for your home is consistent with your values in its appearance and its materials. For homeowners who value cleanliness, style, and environmentalism, coir doormats are ideal.

What is a coir doormat, and why do you need one? What benefits does it offer, and what message does a coir welcome mat convey to your visitors?

Read on to find answers to these questions and more.

What Is Coir?

Coir is a term for the natural fibres of the coconut husk. Coir fibres come from the material between the outer shell and the hard inner shell of the coconut.

A fresh coconut includes three layers: the exocarp, the mesocarp, and the endocarp. The husk includes the exocarp and the mesocarp. These layers protect the hard inner shell, or endocarp, which, in turn, protects the meat of the coconut.

Coir is harvested from the mesocarp layer. Coir fibres can be brown or white. Brown coir fibres, which are harvested from ripe coconuts, are stronger but less flexible. White and golden coir fibres are harvested from young coconuts. They are not as strong, but they are more flexible and have a finer texture.

What Is a Coir Doormat?

A coconut coir mat is made from coir fibres that have been processed into yarn. After harvesting, the coconut husk is separated from the hard inner shell that contains the nut.

The husk is then cured in water or brine. This curing process promotes natural microbial growth. These microbes, in turn, break down the husk and expose the raw coir.

Next, the raw coir is beaten to loosen the fibres. Workers then sort these cured fibres by size and spin them into yarn. The final step of production uses a loom to weave this yarn into the coir mat you set outside your door.

What Are the Advantages of a Coir Doormat?

Studies of consumer behaviourindicate that hallways and entryways are among homeowners' top decoration priorities.

A high-quality coir doormat is a visually appealing and functional piece of decor. It is also a sustainable choice for your home.


Coir doormats are a natural and sophisticated choice. They complement a variety of home designs from traditional to rustic to contemporary.

Many homeowners chose coir mats precisely because of their natural appearance. However, you can also customize your coir mat to your style preferences.

Coir mats are available in a range of colours, patterns, designs, and sizes. While a traditional "welcome" mat is one option, our coir mats offer designs and sizes that enhance any entryway, including patios, decks, and pool areas.

Because coir fibres are so durable, homeowners most often choose coir mats for exterior use. However, our collection includes options for indoor use. For example, our Jute Basket Weave Indoor Mat, which combines tough coir and softer jute, complements any interior.

Our mats also come in sizes that accommodate single- and double-door entryways. You can choose from traditional rectangular mats or half-moon and even heart shapes.

If you prefer to accent your coir mat with a bold border, our products allow you to do so without compromising the eco-friendly nature of your choice. Our environmentally-friendly rubber is durable and available in a range of designs—from a simple outline to intricate scrolls.

Designs for our coir-only mats also range from the silly to the sophisticated. Colours, meanwhile, include simple earth tones, vivid rainbows, and everything in between.

With the range of options, you are sure to find a coir mat that is consistent with your style.


A thoughtfully designed home reflects your values. Increasingly, Australians—and homeowners across the globe—value sustainability. Concern for the impact people and their lifestyles have on the environment continues to grow. As it does, consumers are turning increasingly to environmentally-friendly home decor.

Doormats made with coir fibres use renewable resources. They also protect natural resources by reducing waste. Before coir became a popular choice in home decor and gardening, much of a harvested coconut went to waste. With the rise of coir products, coconut producers now use every part of the plant.

Coir door mats are also naturally biodegradable. When your coir mat reaches the end of its long life, you can, thus, add it to your backyard compost pile.

Our small family businessis committed to offering you products that meet only the highest sustainability standards.

Cleanliness and Ease of Cleaning

Coir doormats are easy to clean. They also contribute to the overall cleanliness of your home.

Thanks to natural coconut oils present in their fibres, coir mats resist moisture and mildew. Whether they are exposed to salt or fresh water, coir fibres maintain their integrity. If your mat has been exposed to saltwater, however, it is wise to rinse it with fresh water before allowing it to air dry.

If you wish to dry your coir mat after a heavy rain or cleaning, simply hang it to dry outside or in any area with good ventilation.

However, high-quality coir mats will dry naturally even if you're unable to hang them. The natural fibres and open backing of thick coir mats allow water to drain away. In most cases, therefore, you can simply let your coir mat dry in place.

Quick-drying coir mats are, thus, not only easy to maintain. They also contribute to an overall cleaner home. A dry mat means dry shoes entering your house.

Moreover, the naturally abrasive coir fibres mean cleaner shoes entering your house. When you walk across a coir mat, the coir fibres help to remove dirt, sand, and other debris from the soles of your shoes. It is, of course, much easier to clean this debris periodically from your coir mat than it is to sweep or mop it up from the floor each time you enter the house.

Cleaning and Caring for Your Coir Mat

In fact, cleaning debris from a coir mat simply requires shaking or beating the mat or brushing it with a stiff brush or broom. For the most stubborn debris, you can also use a sturdy hoe or another metal tool to scrape your mat clean. If you prefer, you can rinse dirt and sand away before allowing your mat to dry.

Coir experts recommend lightly cleaningyour mat at least once a week and inspecting it once a month.

Coir mats can themselves produce minor debris as they shed their fibres. This is a natural part of a coir product's life, and it occurs gradually. If you notice coir fibres near your entryways, you can easily sweep these up during regular cleanings. If coir fibres blow into your lawn, you can simply leave them there, as the material is entirely biodegradable.

Pest Control

Coir mats also deter insects. Most insects find the abrasive coir fibres an inhospitable environment. They're also repelled by the coconut's natural oils. A coir mat's moisture-resistant properties further prevent bugs that prefer moist climates from settling in.


Derived from the tough outer layers of the coconut, coir fibres are naturally durable. When you purchase a coir mat, you can expect it to last 6-10 years. This is true even if you use the mat in high traffic areas or expose it to harsh weather conditions. It is especially true, however, when you choose a high-quality mat of an appropriate thickness.

As you compare doormats of various thicknesses, keep in mind that thicker mats do tend to be more durable. They are also heavier and, therefore, more slip-resistant. However, you'll need to select a thickness that allows your door to open.

Regardless of its thickness, when you purchase a coir mat from us, you'll enjoy added protection and peace of mind with our warranty.


When you select any surface on which you'll tread, safety is a concern. Door and floor mats that don't stay in place can create slip hazards. Because they are notoriously thin and light, low-quality coir mats are prone to this problem.

However, high-quality coir mats are designed with safety in mind. Our coir mats are 40 mm thick and made with slip-resistant materials to protect you, your family, and your visitors from injury.

Safety concerns also include fire hazards. Coir is a flammable material. Fire risks are generally low around entryways. However, you should avoid using a coir mat near fireplaces, grills, or other areas with open flames.

Coir at the Door: Welcoming Guests with Style, Safety, and Sustainability

The right doormat conveys a message of welcome and introduces your guests to the values that dwell in your home and your heart. For guests who value style, safety, and sustainability, the right doormat is a coir doormat.

As you explore your options, count on us to answer your questions and supply you with the highest quality doormats for all your needs. Contact usto request assistance or start shopping today.