The Do's and Don'ts of Cleaning Kitchen Mats

The Do's and Don'ts of Cleaning Kitchen Mats

Oct 20, 2022

The Do's and Don'ts of Cleaning Kitchen Mats

A mat is a decorative item that can be found in every house. However, unlike doormats that often go overlooked in terms of cleanliness, kitchen mat hygiene is a must. The role of kitchen mats is to prevent slipping on tiles and to provide comfort and warmth to the space. And keeping a sparkling clean kitchen is not an easy task, especially in a bigger household.

When it comes to cleaning your kitchen mats right, here are the main dos and don’ts to keep in mind.

Do: Check the Tags

Like any other household element, kitchen floor mats have a tag featuring care and cleaning tips.
The materials used for mats’ production depend on what they will be used for. It is important to know what type of mat you're using before you clean it. Typically, the most common mat types include:

  • Anti fatigue kitchen mats . These are non-washable but have a smooth surface to clean;
  • Rubber mats, with a non-slip backing, are often machine washable;
  • Cotton mats are handmade and must be hand-washed, shaken, or vacuumed of dirt and debris;
  • Bamboo mats are flexible and cannot be machine washed as they are water resistant - although not waterproof.

Do: Place Your Mats Strategically

An important aspect of keeping your kitchen mat clean is to place it strategically in your kitchen.
Putting a mat near a stove will guarantee a greasy mat most of the time as a stove is a magnet for gunk and grease. Place your mat near a countertop or the fridge instead. These areas harbour no grease, meaning you will clean them less often and equally good.

Do: Sharpen Your Cleaning Habits

Mats need a lot of attention and should be cleaned on a weekly basis. It is recommended to start by vacuuming them and the surrounding area to ensure an overall easier cleaning process. If the mat is machine washable, simply run the cycle depending on the care tips on the tag. If it isn't machine washable, rinse and scrub it in a soapy bath. Before setting down the mat again in the kitchen make sure that the floor and surrounding area are also clean.

The Don'ts

Some of the things to avoid when cleaning a kitchen mat:

  • Using a chemical-based cleaner is a huge no and can lead to toxicity. Always choose organic cleaning products.
  • Don’t opt for deep cleaning only. You also need to clean the kitchen mat in-between deep cleaning sessions.
  • For stains, avoid using harsh scrubbers since you’ll risk tearing the mat.
  • Avoid acidic cleaners . If anything, choose vinegar as a replacement for more natural cleaning.

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