Exploring the Differences Between Indoor and Outdoor Mats

Exploring the Differences Between Indoor and Outdoor Mats

Jun 07, 2023

Indoor and outdoor mats are essential in Australian households, offering weather protection, cleanliness, safety, floor preservation and allergen control. Like coir doormats, outdoor rugs help keep homes clean by trapping dirt, dust and debris from the outside.

Examining Indoor and Outdoor Mat Differences

Floor mats contribute to maintaining a comfortable, clean and healthy living environment for Australian residents while complementing the country's climate and outdoor-focused lifestyle. You risk damaging your floors without suitable mats, allowing dirt and moisture to track indoors and compromising safety.

To select the fitting mats, here are some main differences between indoor and outdoor rugs:

  1. Weather Proofing: Unlike indoor mats, outdoor mats are designed to withstand rain, snow and direct sunlight exposure. Manufacturers made them from durable and weather-resistant materials that resist fading, mould and mildew.
  2. Toughness: Outdoor mats must be more rigid and durable than indoor mats due to their exposure to outdoor elements and heavy foot traffic. They must withstand frequent use, scraping dirt and debris from shoes and resisting wear and tear. A coir door mat is an outdoor mat known for its resilience and effectiveness at trapping dirt and debris.
  3. Surface Design: Outdoor mats often feature a rougher surface that provides better traction, allowing them to remove dirt and moisture from shoes. Indoor rugs, on the other hand, may have a smoother texture and focus on aesthetics and comfort rather than functionality.
  4. Best Mats for Outdoor:Coir door mats are popular for outdoor use due to their durability and weather resistance. Coir is a natural fibre from coconut husks, known for its excellent scraping and moisture absorption properties. Other types of rugs suitable for outdoor use include rubber mats, synthetic fibre mats and mats made from recycled materials.

The main differences between indoor and outdoor mats are their weatherproofing capabilities, toughness, surface design and suitability for specific environments. While indoor mats focus more on aesthetics and comfort, outdoor rugs prioritise durability, weather resistance and effective dirt removal. Coir mats, among other types, are famous for outdoor use due to their resilience and ability to withstand outdoor elements.

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