Choosing the Best: A Complete Guide to Buying Beautiful Doormats

Choosing the Best: A Complete Guide to Buying Beautiful Doormats

Mar 24, 2022

Doormat Buying Guide. How To Choose The Best

It lays on the floor. You walk all over it. You literally overlook it every day.

It's your doormat, and it's underappreciated. A well-chosen doormat is beautiful and functional. It complements your home's aesthetic. It conveys a sense of welcome to friends and strangers. It even helps keep your home clean.

So how do you choose functional and beautiful doormats? This guide explores your options and helps you choose the doormats that are best for you and your home.

Considerations for Buying a Doormat

Your doormat is the ultimate multi-tasking home accessory. It enhances your home's appearance and greets guests. It also acts as a gatekeeper, preventing dirt, pests, and allergens from entering your house.

When you're shopping for a doormat, you need to consider several factors. These include materials, size, thickness, and style.

What Materials Should You Choose?

Doormats come in a range of materials from natural to synthetic. Each material offers its own advantages.

Coir Doormats

Natural choices, like coir doormats, are ideal for homeowners concerned with the environmental impact of their actions. Coir is a natural fibre drawn from the coconut husk. As such, it is a renewable resource.

It also uses a part of the coconut that would otherwise be discarded, and it is biodegradable. Thus, it reduces waste associated with the production of household goods. When a coir doormat reaches the end of its life, you won't need to throw it away. Instead, you can simply add it to your backyard compost pile.

Coir doormats are also easy to clean. Plus, they are resistant to moisture, mould, mildew, and insects. With these properties, coir doormats are among homeowners' top choices for exterior mats. They can withstand the elements, and they help you keep the elements—including water, allergens, and pests—outside your home.

In terms of durability, coir mats are also among the best. A high-quality coir mat can withstand heavy foot traffic for 6-10 years.

During that time, you can count on a high-quality coir doormat to keep you and your guests safe. Coir mats come in various thicknesses. Retailers also offer coir mats with and without backing.

The highest quality mats, like our 40 mm mats, are thick enough to be slip-resistant even without a backing. However, for added protection, we also offer coir mats with an environmentally friendly, slip-resistant rubber backing.

Finally, coir doormats are available in a range of styles to complement any home's appearance.

Rubber Doormats

Rubber doormats are also highly functional and durable, especially for exterior use. They are easy to clean and effective at trapping dirt and moisture before it enters your house. Plus, they stay in place, making them a good choice for safety.

Two potential drawbacks of rubber doormats are style and sustainability. If you choose a rubber doormat, you may find your options limited in terms of style. Many rubber doormats are simple, and most are black.

Increasingly, however, retailers offer doormats that combine rubber and other materials, like coir. These combination productions enhance functionality and style. Some rubber doormat designs also incorporate borders and scrolls to add sophistication.

If you purchase one of our rubber doormats, you need not compromise your environmental values. We offer products made from 100% recycled rubber.

Indoor Doormats

Coir and rubber offer the best options for exterior doormats. Indoor doormats tend to feature softer materials. If you love your coir front doormats, you might consider an indoor mat that combines the tougher coir with the softer jute material.

If you're especially concerned with safety and slip-resistance, you can select a mat with a PVC or rubber backing. Coir remains an option for the surface of these backed interior mats. However, inside your home, options also include softer carpet-like fibres of nylon and polyester.

Avoid choosing a carpeted mat for the exterior entryways of your home. These mats are easy to clean by popping them in the washing machine. However, they can quickly become soggy in the rain. The softer carpet also isn't well-suited for other harsh weather conditions.

Size and Thickness

When choosing doormats, you need to choose a mat that is appropriate for the size of your entryway. Our mats include sizes that accommodate both single and double doors.

Depending on the materials you choose, the thickness of your mat may also vary. A mat's thickness matters for a few reasons.

First, a thicker mat is more likely to stay in place. It is, thus, the safer option.

Thicker mats are also generally higher quality and more durable. You can expect our 40 mm coir mats to last up to a decade.

A thicker mat offers several advantages. As a homeowner, though, you'll need to be careful to choose a mat that isn't too thick to prevent your door from functioning properly. The most beautiful entry doormats in the world won't send guests a message of "Welcome!" if the mats prevent you from opening your doors.

Style: Choosing Beautiful Doormats

Style, beauty, aesthetics—however you describe it, the appearance of your mat matters. Front doormats are among the first features that greet visitors to your home. You'll want this first impression to match your home's personality and your personality. Our beautiful doormat design options let you customize your purchase to do just that.

As you explore your style options, you'll encounter a variety of colours, patterns, shapes, and designs.


If you've decided on a coir mat, you might have made that choice because of the material's superior durability or sustainability. However, you might also have selected it for its natural appearance. Many coir doormat designs feature the material's natural golden colour. When printed in black, designs—including patterns, messages, and images—stand out beautifully on this natural background.

If a different colour better fits with the aesthetic of your home, coir remains an option. Coir mats come in every colour of the rainbow—including rainbow.

Your colour options are even more unlimited if you're shopping for an interior mat with carpet fibres. Our personalised mats offer 42 standard colour choices. If your imagination runs wilder than that range of choices, we can also colour match to suit your style.

Borders and Shapes

Rubber mats are generally limited in colour to the standard black. However, rubber adds another element of style to consider. Rubber mats—and mats with rubber components—often include borders. These borders range from the simple outline to the sophisticated scroll. As such, they add a classic aesthetic to your entryways.

Maybe a unique border isn't enough for you. Maybe you also want a unique shape as well. Again, we have your doorways covered. Our beautiful doormats include standard rectangular designs. However, we also offer half-moon and even heart-shapes to suit your style.

Personalised Doormats

Still not unique enough? For the ultimate freedom in designing your home's aesthetic, consider a personalised doormat. In fact, your customisation options don't stop at colour choices. With our personalised doormats, you can design your mat's entire appearance. This includes colours, images, and messages.

Personalisation is the latest trend—and for good reason. The word "personalisation" says it. "Person." There's a person behind the product. There are people behind the door that's behind your doormat. You need a doormat that introduces those people to your visitors.

Whether it's your family names or your family motto, our personalised mats tell your guests, "This is us."

Where to Buy Beautiful Doormats

Local home improvement stores offer a range of doormat options. However, for the utmost selection and convenience, you can't beat shopping for doormats online.

Our website lets you compare products as styles and features catch your eye. We also offer exceptional customer service. We're eager to answer your questions as you consider your options.

When you shop for beautiful doormats from a reputable retailer, you need not compromise your own peace of mind. We're here to help if you have an issue with your order. You can return most unopened online orders for a full refund within 90 days. If the return resulted from our error, we'll even pay for the return shipping.

As an added bonus, when you shop for doormats online with us, you need not compromise your desire to support local Australian businesses. We are a small, 100% family-owned and operated Australian business. We know and serve you because we know and serve Australia.

Caring for Your Doormats

Once you purchase beautiful doormats, you'll want to keep them beautiful. This means conducting proper maintenance and periodic inspections.

Whether coir or rubber, most exterior mats can be cleaned with a quick shaking or beating. Periodically, you might also rinse your mat with a garden hose. Coir mats dry quickly and naturally, even if you leave them in place. For quicker drying, though, you can hang them in a well-ventilated area.

For stubborn dirt, you can use a stiff brush, broom, or even a sturdy hoe to scrub an exterior mat clean.

Most interior mats are machine washable.

Experts recommend cleaning your doormats approximately once a week and inspecting them for damage monthly.

Beauty at Your Door

When you answer the door, there's a beautiful person on either side of the entryway. There should be an equally beautiful doormat beneath you.

With our selection of beautiful doormats, you're sure to find one that fits your style. You're also sure to find a product that is functional, durable, and sustainable.

Contact us with your questions today, or start shopping on our website.