Long Doormat

Long doormats to compliment your door

As extra wide and taller front doors become more popular there is a shift away from the traditional small door mats towards longer door mats. Not only are wider door ways a compliment to modern homes they also make it easier to move long furniture items into the home.

Traditionally front doors were narrower however there is a shift towards 120cm (1.2 metres or 1200 millimetres) wide doors which means that the small mats just don't look right at this size door. So what are the alternatives? At Doormat we have seen a shift in popularity towards 120 centimetre long door mats as it covers larger door ways or extra long door mat that are 145cm or 150cm and will cover the whole doorway or double doorway plus more.

If you have a large front door consider a long doormat. If you have double doors then we recommend that you move towards a extra long doormat as this additional length will compliment the entrance to your homes grand entrance beautifully.

So you may be having trouble finding a long doormat for your home. Well we have a complete range of designs, materials and even sizes to suit a wider door, sliding doors or even bi fold doorways at the front or even on the patio.

To be sure that all applications are considered we stock and produce these longer than usual mats in a range of materials. This range includes:

Coir is a great choice and one of the first ever materials used as a door mat. Coir doormats are the traditional colour mats that have excellent scraping ability and are completely natural.

Poly propylene is a wonderful choice of material if you are placing your long mat inside the home or in a well covered area. These are carpet surface mats with rubber backing and make great absorbent door mats for drying feet.

Rubber doormats are best suited to outside door mats. These mats are best designed to scrape excessive dirt, mud or sand off the feet and are easy to clean with a hose or shaken clean.

Our coir mats are hand made. We use ethical labour and sustainable materials. These mats are manufactured plain for that traditional long doormat look or printed with long lasting modern, chic and traditional designs.

Be sure to read our blog post on what size mat is best for a double door way.

We ship our long door mats Australia wide! We use express freight services to the main capitol cities and can ship directly to Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.

Choose an amazing long doormat to welcome your guests into your home and keep your floors clean from dirty feet or paws! You can buy any of our doormats online 24 hours a day 7 days a week from the comfort of your home!