Anchor Premium Quality 40mm Door Mat

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Anchor printed on premium Quality 40mm Coir Door Mat. The classic Anchor print will compliment your beachside home perfectly. The luxe 40mm thickness of the coir will proudly invite your family and friends into your home and convey a sense of quality.

Natural Anchor hand woven coir mat is the eco friendly choice as it is fully biodegradable. When the mat has reached the end of its life rest easy knowing that you can throw it in your green garden bin to be composted. Using Eco Friendly Door Mats is a easy way to help preserve our environment.

Coir is woven from the husk of coconuts. It is a 100% natural and renewable fiber. It is also helps support communities in India with Fair income.

Natural elements are incorporated in all current designs including cane, rattan and timber. A natural Coir Mat is the ideal choice to not only effectively scrape dirt an abosrb moisture from visitors footwear as they enter your home but also make a stylish first impression.

Our designer prints are hand stenciled with permanent, fade-resistant, eco-friendly dyes.They are made for outdoor use. We do recommend that they are under a protected area to prolong their life.

Unlike PVC backed mats, this mat is 100% natural hand woven coir and PVC free.

Size is perfect for average doors. Make an Eco friendly choice for your home with a Sustainable coir door mat. Coir is the most traditional door mat that not only looks great but is also very effective at removing dirt and moisture to assist in reducing cleaning and protecting your valuable floor coverings.

Cleaning can be acheived with a vacuum or beating the mat against a wall or hard surface to dislodge the dirt and debris that has been collected into the mat.

50x 80cm

Sustainably and ethically
sourced materials
supporting breast
cancer journeys
Made with

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